Monday, 25 August 2014

It Made a Difference to This One

A beach was covered with starfish that had washed ashore, and a little boy was bent over picking up one after another and throwing them back into the water. 
His mother rushed over and said, 'What are you doing?"  
The little boy replied, "If they don't get back into the ocean they will dry in the sun and die" 
"You can’t possibly throw all these starfish back in. It won’t make a difference." 
To which the little boy says, 'Well, it made a difference to this one.’

This is a lovely adaptation of a tale written by Loren Eisley called The Starfish Thrower.

It reminds us that no matter how small the gesture it can make a big difference to someone and if you add up all those small differences they can be very powerful!  The recent ALS  Ice Bucket Challenge brought this to mind.  One little gesture by each person involved can lead to huge fundraising effort for a traditionally underfunded charity and awareness to a devastating disease, that before this, few knew about.

To continue to raise awareness of this disease I am making a limited edition necklace inspired by this story.

Each necklace is unique, as no 2 pieces of beach glass are the same.  The necklace features a sterling silver starfish charm, fresh water pearl and beautiful piece of hand-wrapped beach glass all on a fine sterling chain measuring 16". $10 of each necklace goes to  ALS Canada.
$35 SOLD OUT.  

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