Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Real Mixed Bag!

This week was really great because for the first time I have my own workspace! I have been creating all my beaded jewelry on the dining room table for years.  It is a real pain because either we need to eat amongst all the projects on the go or I have to spend an hour putting everything away and then hauling it all out again.  My son moved out last week and I finally have a spare room after many years!  I have set it up and when I am in a beading frenzy and need to stop I can just close the doors and come back to it later...what a time saver!

Although I had to spend a day setting everything up I gained back the time in productivity by not having to constantly clean up!  

A few silver pieces.....

A sweet silver bracelet 7.25" adjustable
$30 Sold

Infinity Bracelet

Dots and Dashes
Fresh water pearls with silver plated beads.

$20 Sold

Spring Drops
Flourite drops in colours ranging from the palest green to teal and purple.  Flourite is a highly protective stone that grounds and helps with concentration.
Necklace: $30 SOLD
Bracelet: $22SOLD
Earrings: $10SOLD

and then I went a little Bohemian....

 I have had these beautiful fair trade handmade glass and lucite Indonesian beads for a while now.  They seemed to have a real Bohemian vibe so I strung them on knotted waxed cotton cord and added a pewter tree.

Necklace: $26 SOLD
Earrings: $10

....and that lead to me pulling out my African ceramic, wood and bone beads for another waxed cotton cord set..

Necklace: $26
Earrings: $10

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