Thursday, 27 March 2014

In the Workshop

When the silver smithing bug bites me I like to spend a block of time working on just silver pieces.  Having gathered some ideas and and pulled out some unfinished pieces that I had developed a block about finishing I spent all my spare time in the past few days "hammering out" (pun intended) some new pieces.

My workshop is not glamorous...neither are my tools. 

I still use a small butane torch and most of my tools are gathered from Princess Auto but they work for me. 

I love the problem solving involved with silver jewelry creating..some physics and chemistry helps. Creating silver pieces is my zen place: I find that it teaches patience...which I sometimes lack in other areas of my life and I revel in the quiet creative time.  Hours pass with out me even realizing it.

This time I finished up a spinner ring that was giving me grief....

 2 water cast rings

 and the piece I am most proud of an adjustable bamboo textured ring set with beautiful blue and green translucent jade and a small watercast droplet.  
This design came to me when I was lying in bed one night thinking about how to make beautiful adjustable rings so I wouldn't have to produce many sizes.
The bamboo detail was time consuming but adds a nice touch:
I will be offering these pieces for sale at rePurpose Spring Thaw and Glamour in the Glebe in May.
Spinner ring $40, water cast rings SOLD each, Bamboo ring SOLD

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