Monday, 28 October 2013


I love pearls, fresh water pearls, perfect pearls.  I love the lustre.  It can be both refined and casual...wear with a ball gown or your favourite white shirt and jeans.  
When I pulled out my bag of pearls they just called out to me to spend the day crocheting them into beautiful necklaces....
Pink Sparkle...dusty pink glass pearls , pink fresh water pearls, and purple lustre crystals...$25 sold
 Rosey Glow....this fresh water pearl necklace is made from fresh water pearls in copper, pink and white on a rose gold plated wire...$25

 Raspberry Truffle...these colours just sang to me, unusual but dramatic...brown, dusty pink and raspberry glass pearls on gold coloured wire....$25 sold
Great Grapes...another unusual but dramatic combination...large brown glass pearls with oyster and grape glass pearls on silver wire...$25 SOLD

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